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Playing fun games on Rewardia will not only put a smile on your face but will also give you guaranteed rewards. The games you can play range from simple word searches to the more exciting and challenging Sudoku.
In fact, there is something available for everyone - those who want a challenge or those who just want to have a go for something to do. Without a lot of effort, there are plenty of rewards for everyone as long as you score.

What games can you play

She's just received $50 Gift Card! What are you waitng for?
You open the window on to a huge array of games decorated with motivating images.
If you just want to do a game that’s a simple matter of luck try ‘Fruit Scratchie.’ You simply scratch the silver panel and if you find 3 identical items on one line, YOU WIN FREE POINTS!!!
Another example is the ‘Word Search’. When you open it up you will be able to choose your skill level immediately. If you just want a quickie you can try the easy puzzle or if you feel you want a bit of a challenge and you have got the time choose the more difficult. You even have a choice of topics. So if you love music, simply choose music or if you can’t get away from your love of animals you can select that option too. Once you get going your score will quickly build up as you find the words.

How you are rewarded

For each game you score points. The higher the number of points you get, the more you can put towards free gift cards from your favourite participating stores. I am talking here about Woolworth, Rebel Sports, Vodafone, Myer, Target and JB HiFi, just to name a few.
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